Teron'gor was a channeler who opposed the divine order of godlike beings known as titans and channeled the highly destructive magic of disorder to destroy the titans and their arcane constructions on behalf of the Burning Legion. This demonic army was created by the fallen titan Sargeras to scour all creation. However, despite the fact that the Burning Legion and the warlocks who serve it seek to burn all living worlds and all creation, Teron'gor was not a magical practitioner who seeks to bring everything to a state of eventual oblivion according to Blizzard. 

Essentially, Teron'gor was the opposite of arcanist Joraa, an arcane spellcaster who opposed disorder. Ironically, the Joraa - as opposed to Teron'gor - would have been the one with the ability to order Sargeras' demonic army around because the mage wouldn't oppose the divine order of the godlike titan and would be able to command his demonic army on his behalf. As such, if warlocks oppose disorder and follow the divine order of Sargeras, Teron'gor would have been a conjurer or mage of Sargeras and would be able to summon, command, and banish the Legion on his behalf.


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