Soul-eater warlocks are warlocks[1] who eat souls.

Dark Practices

"Do you dare taste the precious essence of life?" - Soul-Eater Morgania[1]

Soul-eaters, as warlocks, are the most volatile and insatiable of spellcasters. Though they often pledge themselves to the service of noble causes and are not innately evil, their desire to understand darker magics and exercise unwavering command over demonic forces breeds mistrust among even their closest allies. As warlocks, soul-eaters peer into the Void without hesitation, leveraging the chaos they glimpse within to devastating ends in battle—their greatest abilities are fueled by the souls they’ve harvested from their victims. They exploit powerful shadow magic to manipulate and degrade the minds and bodies of their enemies. They employ fire magic, dropping hellish rain from the sky, to immolate the opposition. They summon and command indomitable demons from the Twisting Nether to do their bidding, or even to be sacrificed as the soul-eater sees fit, empowering and protecting the dark caster from harm.[2]

Speculation Section

Questionmark-medium This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials.*

What Happens To Souls Eaten By Soul-Eaters?

The References

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