Travel to the Emerald Nightmare and cleanse Cenarius of his affliction. Bring back anything you discover to Kuhuine in Dalaran.


I have a theory on how we can better harvest this felwort, <name>. You see, sometimes in order to understand how something comes into being, you have to work backwards.

I've recently heard of the corruption of one of our greatest gods, Cenarius. I have no doubt the same corruption that lives in these herbs also resides within him now.

If you were able to cleanse that corruption, find a way to understand how it works and remove it, I think we can apply that to how we harvest these herbs.


I hope you bring some friends with you on this journey, for this may be your greatest lesson.


<Kuhuine carefully takes the seed from you and listens to your tale of Cenarius' cleansing.>

Fascinating! If what you're saying is true then that means we can harvest Felwort in a similar manner. Now listen...

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