The fel god Sargeras used fel energies to bring everything into existence. Fel energy (once defined by Chris Metzen as essentially some demonic as well as entropic death energy) is energy and (Light) energy is something that cannot be created or destroyed, at least when regarding to real life. Despite the fact that energy cannot be created and Chris Metzen defined it as death energy, the deceiver Chris Metzen now claims that fel energy is created all the while expecting people to believe it isn’t created as some entropic death energy that can exist in entropic undead.



Warlocks are absolutely corrupt and unimaginably powerful death gods that cannot be imagined as necromancers even if they have necromantic abilities OR channelers that Sargeras formed as a group. Magical practitioners that do what all warlocks do and seek to understand dark fel-based magics, all warlocks willingly follow the army Sargeras created to push things to oblivion — Burning Legion. All warlocks do what warlocks do and follow the Burning Legion, which means that Chris Metzen is a deceiver. He ultimately claims that a few warlocks can use fel magic again the demonic Legion while many warlocks willingly follow the Legion, acting as if all warlocks aren’t warlocks who do what all warlocks do at the same time and that they cannot work together to gain power.

Warlocks can draw life from living beings, darken pale-white orcs into green aliens that can drive humans insane, gather souls, govern a death titan such as Argus, fuel fel magics, fuse souls to demonic corpses, invoke the nether-will of the dark god Sargeras, manipulate fel death as well as life, and use fel powers that work in the favor of the fel-using necrolord Sargeras when fueled by drawing life from living beings, Of course, even if warlocks are essentially necromancers, Chris Metzen claims that warlocks aren’t necromancers. This is because he is a deceiver.